Design Guidelines

Source: Schedule "A" of the Cates Hill Building Design Covenant (PDF file; 1.6 Mb).

Established under Bylaw #155, 156 (Cates Hill)

The goal of these guidelines is to secure a commitment to quality and a strong overall character that will add value to the community, maintain the quality of each purchaser's investment and ensure an uncompromised level of liveability.

A building form and character that reflects the sensitivity of the site environment, particularly from a visual perspective from elsewhere on the island, will be encouraged. The adoption of a theme, such as the West Coast rendition of the original Cape Cod design or Arts and Crafts features may serve to complement existing island styles and add to a sense of community on Cates Hill.

  • No exterior cladding, other than that made from natural materials, may be used on the exterior of any buildings.
  • No colours other than earth tones may be used for exterior colour of any buildings.
  • Facade design may include articulated roof lines, recessed or covered front entrances, visually dominant front entrances, as well as front or wrap around porches.
  • All roof materials shall be in colours which blend in with the natural surroundings, such as natural colours of slate, cedar shake or shingles.
  • The exposed portion of foundation walls visible from the road must be kept to a minimum and made of exposed aggregate, patterned concrete or finished similar to the house or retreat centre.
  • Porches are encouraged and must be proportionate to the structure.
  • A certain sensitivity in deck design is necessary due to steep slopes and visibility from both below and beyond. As such, any deck on the downward side of the structure must not be unsightly in terms of proportion, colour or material when viewed from below.
  • Any aluminim windows set flush with a house or retreat centre must have exterior wood trim to improve overall appearance.
  • Garages and accessory buildings must be similar to the architectural design, material and colour of the house or retreat centre.
  • Garages should not visually dominate the house.
Downloadable copy (PDF file; 356 Kb)